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Terms and Conditions for SpiceBid

  1. Bidding for a seat on a flight shall begin (02) days to three (03) days in advance of the scheduled date of departure, and shall close at 23:59 hours, a day before the travel date.
  2. Biddings for flights shall be made open as per SpiceJet’s discretion.
  3. People of the age of eighteen (18) years or above only can bid under this arrangement.
  4. While making one bidding (01) transaction, a maximum of two (02) persons can be booked for.
  5. Customer shall only be eligible to choose the sector for a particular date, for which the bidding is made open. The customer will not be able to choose the flight number/ timing, and the flight shall only be allocated by SpiceJet upon a bid turning into a successful bid for the sector and date of travel for which such a bidding has been made by the customer.
  6. All biddings have to be made in sync with the “Minimum Bid Amount” (which shall be displayed over the website), and at all times, have to be in the multiples of Rupees two hundred only (INR 200/- only).
  7. In order to make the biddings, the customer shall have to make the pre-payment of the bidding amount via a Credit Card only.
  8. Customers may make multiple biddings in respect of the seat on a flight for any particular day for which the bidding is open on the website.
  9. Limited seats are available under this arrangement.
  10. The biddings made shall be confirmed as per availability and in the order of the first preference be given to the highest bidding amount for that particular sector and date of journey. SpiceJet reserves the right to confirm the eligible bid placed by the customer for travel in any of its flights for the sector and on the date for which the bid has been placed by the customer.
  11. Customers who have placed their bids will be communicated a day prior to the travel date that whether their bid(s) have been successful or not. Those customers whose biddings will qualify for confirm tickets shall be receiving confirmation communication towards their booking(s) details on their registered e-mail ID and mobile number (entered while placing the bid). It shall be the sole responsibility of the customer to provide SpiceJet with valid e-mail ID and Indian mobile numbers. SpiceJet shall, in no event, be responsible for any communication sent from its end not reaching the customer, whether on time or at all. Payments made by those customers whose biddings do not qualify for confirm tickets, will be released (without any interest and/ or anything alike), within five (05) working days from the date, for which the bidding(s) have been made by them.
  12. Once the bidding(s) has been placed by the customer, it cannot be changed/cancelled. Under this arrangement, confirmed bookings made against successful bids, are non-changeable and non-refundable.
  13. All successful biddings shall have such baggage allowance pre-included, as for all regular bookings.
  14. Customers whose bidding(s) have been confirmed may choose to opt for other services like meals, excess baggage, choice of seat, etc., from the “Manage My Booking” section of, or may alternatively contact SpiceJet’s Reservation Centre.
  15. Flight schedules and timings are subject to regulatory approvals and change(s).
  16. SpiceJet reserves the right to withdraw/ cancel and/ or amend this arrangement at any time, without any prior notice.
  17. For detailed terms of carriage, log on to

Bid (02) days to (03) days prior to the travel date & get notified a day prior to the travel date.
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